Foods That Will Keep You Fuelled From AM To PM

Are you eating or providing the right food when you attend a meeting, conference or event? Did you know that nutritive food is key to making the most out of the session to sustain your focus, engagement and productivity?

Choosing the right foods to keep concentration levels at an optimum whilst ensuring that you have the ability to absorb masses of information can be challenging. Fuelling your body with the right food groups is fundamental for both physical and mental strength. Here at CoventryConferences we ensure that we provide just the right mix to keep you energised throughout your day! I’ll try and break it down for you…

There has always been an air of negativity around eating lots of carbohydrates, but did you know that carbohydrates provide you with a steady stream of energy throughout the day? At CoventryConferences we include a variety of healthy carbohydrates on our menu, ranging from oats, brown rice and sweet potato to quinoa and hummus, to keep your concentration levels at an effective level throughout the day.
In order to maintain a healthy state of mind, ‘good fat’ is crucial for your mental health and well-being. We know that when you are listening and concentrating for long periods of time, your brain tends to wander and switch off. Eating a good selection of unsaturated fats helps your brain to function correctly and enhances performance so that your mind stays sharp and on track. At CoventryConferences we have a great selection of unsaturated fats, ranging not only from avocados to nuts but also including dark chocolate and oily fish. Cold-water fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel have the highest omega-3 content that both help you improve your learning and memory. CoventryConferences enjoy providing these types of ‘brain food’ to our customers.
Proteins aid the communication between the nervous system and the brain, which in turn maximises your concentration levels, awareness and sharpness. Eating a healthy level of protein also maintains health bones, muscles, skin and blood. Here at CoventryConferences, we provide a great range of proteins including eggs, chicken and turkey, tuna, beans and lentils. 
Staying hydrated is crucial to staying healthy and alert. Feeding your body with plenty of H2O not only lubricates the joints, but also boosts skin health and beauty whilst regulating your body temperature. Although water is normally the first thing you would reach out for, there are plenty of other popular healthy water-rich foods that will help you stay hydrated. Products like watermelon and strawberries, cucumber and lettuce, celery and cabbage, all have extremely high-water content and that is why CoventryConferences feature a diverse selection of all these items on our menus.

With all of this in mind, our CoventryConferences chef, Kyle Lockington, recommends that you feast on the fabulous ‘Eatwell Menu’ to boost your focus for each meal.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Kyle has created the perfect breakfast options for you, not only to ensure maximum morning focus but foods that will also give you maximum enjoyment and fulfilment. Kyle’s breakfast choice would consist of the following…

  • Quinoa cereal has extensive proven health benefits due to its composition of being high in protein, high in fibre and low in carbohydrates, ensuring a fluid state of energy.
  • Boiled eggs and spinach is a great combination as the eggs will provide you with a high amount of protein and the spinach is rich in iron to ensure energy production. 
  • Green tea is a great alternative to coffee as it contains less caffeine but has enough to produce an effect. It also contains amino acids that improve brain functionality. 

By this time your breakfast choices have done the job, but it’s now time for that midmorning snack that will guarantee maximum engagement. Kyle’s choice would be…

  • Blueberry smoothie shot due to it being the most magical berry of all berries, as the berry increases the production of dopamine which is the brains feel-good chemical.
  • Roasted whole almonds as they contain monounsaturated fats which are healthy fats that improve your brain power.

Three to four hours of listening, participating and learning has passed which means time for only one thing…LUNCH! Kyle’s favourite choices would be…

  • Chicken, lollo rosso and avocado sourdough granary sandwiches, which not only have a huge protein and healthy fats content but the bread type is the healthiest on the market due to the fermentation process.
  • Roasted vegetable and feta couscous salad is a great source of plant-based protein which will have a positive impact on your concentration levels.
  • Pesto salmon skewers are the most appealing option not only because of the salmon’s silky-smooth skin and radiant colour but because of its high ‘good fats’ and omega-3 content.

Listening to Kyle’s special recommendations has hopefully given you food for thought. So, when you are preparing for your next meeting, conference or event, think about fuelling your body and mind with the right foods. Make your selection from our healthy varied menus to help support and boost your energy and concentration levels so that you can fully immerse yourself at your event with CoventryConferences.

Foods That Will Keep You Fuelled From AM To PM

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